All About Emojis – Meaning & Brief History


All About Emojis – Meaning & Brief History: Emoji or Emoticons or Emojis or smiley. Nobody in this contemporary world says that they don’t know what emoji is. After the initiation of social media, we started using emojis to convey our emotions in a sticker form while chatting. There is plenty of emojis available on the QWERTY keyboard. Emojis help in conveying our emotions, moods, and also it has a lot of fruits, animals, veggies in a sticker form. Climatic condition, National flags, what not, everything is in the form of emoji or stickers on the keyboard which helps while chatting. In this article, you will know about the

  1. History of emojis
  2. Emoticons Vs Emojis
  3. Misunderstanding and misconceptions

History of Emojis

The word emoji is a Japanese word which means Picture character. The first person who discovered emoji was NTTDoCoMo Shigetaka Kurita who made a grid image measuring 12 by 12 pixels in 1999. That took up the space of 3 kilobytes which consist of a complete set of 176 pictograms. Before 2 decades the telephone contained an email feature but it didn’t allow sending more than 250 characters, so it was impossible to use emoji in the 90s.

But before emojis, emoticons are considered as the ancestors of emojis. Emotion + icons= emoticons. Emoticons were published first in 1881 by the American Humor Magazine. Those emoticons were made up of punctuation marks and typographical characters. Emoticons express joy, sadness, apathy, bewilderment.

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In 1999 Shigetika Kurita created 176 sets of characters depicting all sorts of astonishment, joy, wilderness, animals, plants, etc., Emojis are considered so iconic. So the original piece created by Kurita is safely preserved in the Museum of Modern Art.

Emoticons vs Emojis

In the contemporary social media world, emojis and emoticons are considered the same thing but it is not. Many are not getting the difference between them both. So let’s have a look at the difference between both emojis and emoticons.

  1. Emoticons are made from typographical characters whereas emojis are real pictures or stickers depicting emotions.
  2. Emoticons are accidental inventions of humor whereas emojis are real inventions.
  3. Emojis are real pictures and it expresses the real feelings of people whereas the typographical punctuation marks won’t depict.
  4. The emoticons depict only a few emotions whereas the emojis have plenty of pictures and stickers expressing human emotions, animals, birds, eatables, vehicles, climatic condition, etc.,

Misunderstandings and Misconceptions


This emoji or more specifically dizzy sticker is considered as shooting but. But it is not this that depicts the dizziness. We might see this in cartoons that if cartoon characters felt dizzy they will imagine stars on their head.


This emoji is not for praising but it is used for the same. This depicts a high five and happiness.


This is not a wishing or welcoming emoji. This is also a high five emoji.


They are bunny girls, not best friends.


This emoji represents disappointment but not sad.


This emoji is a Japanese ogre or evil spirit called Namahage. But this is used to show anger.

This emoji is used for high five but this is actually depicting hand rise or asking a question.

These are the real meaning of the emojis which we are taking in the wrong way. Use it wisely…

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