Some Of The Crazy Future Predictions You Must Know

Crazy Future Predictions You Must Know: Our world is spinning at a fast pace. We, people, are not an exemption. We are also running along with the world. In that case, what prospect holds for us and our following peers. Foretellers are saying some witty things whereas breeding technology prognosticates something offbeat. Nobody perceives what is going to occur in actuality. Let’s have a gaze at some of the craziest prognostications which are being said by some of the soothsayers.

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  1. It’s feasible to talk to dead people
  2. Its is accessible for automata or robots to manipulate humans
  3. Feet of individuals will become one big toe
  4. Living in bobbing houses and bungalows
  5. Alphabets will be diminished from 26 to 23
  6. Traveling to Mars will be apparent
  7. Food is not that much important

1. We can speak to our dead ancestors

This sounds hilariously crazy. Right? But foretellers are saying it is achievable to chat with our departed ancestors. Google Home and Alexa will assist you to speak. It sounds ludicrous. But some companies are attempting to do this. A company based in California which is alike to Alexa is striving to constitute a bot that will help you to talk to your dead relatives.

The researchers say that if someone wants to speak to their dead son, they can use the “dead bot” to speak or chat with them. Using Artificial Intelligence, researchers first get all the necessary information about the dead one including their voice, etc., Then using all the required information, they will create fake people who are already dead.

dead ancestors

 Eugenia Kuyda, a girl who created Luka, a replica which helps to speak with the dead people. They are messaging app which was created using AI. She created this before her best friend Roman’s death and she talked to him after his death.

2. It is easy for robots to manipulate us

As technology progresses, Artificial Intelligence technology also updates. It is easy for artificial intelligence or robots to manipulate us. It has its own mind and in near future, people will get easily manipulated by bots. Science fiction novelist David Brin said that our future is not as easy as one, humanoids have their own mind and it will create more quandaries by ensnaring us in their manipulation and persuasion.

Its also said that cyborgs will spring to rule the entire cosmos using the expanding AI technology. In near future, robots will annihilate humans for their own good and it will savor the process of annihilating human kinds. Technology advancement also creates more combat between humane. But that system was under development and it was named Lethal Autonomous Weapons or LAWS.

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3. Feet of humans will become one big toe

This is something funny, but this was foretold by Richard Clement Lucas, a surgeon professor at Royal  College Of Surgeons of England. He said that a human’s toe will become useless and he will become a one-toed man.

4. Living in a floating house

floating house

 When we were younger, after watching an animation cartoon or fairytale, we might imagine this at least once in our childhood. Dwelling in a floating or flying house was our fantasy and wish.

 But future predictors are stating, it no longer would be just a dream of children, it is going to happen in real. Technology development is going to make that happen in real. We can live in a floating house and it is possible to move into a floating house, we don’t have to take a bike or a car or any other vehicle to move somewhere.

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5. Alphabets will  be lessened

 The notion of diminishing alphabets is a bit crazy. But when a journalist asked the custodian of mechanical technology John Elfreth Walkins Jr., on his prophecies about the 21st century, he suddenly said, the three alphabets C, X, and Q will be excluded.

 When they demanded the reason, he abruptly said that we people won’t find it needed. We will more likely use condensed statements and condensed sentences.

6. Travelling to Mars will be accessible

 Mostly, many of us know this news that researchers are laboring hard to make a subsistence on mars when they found out the existence of the Red planet. NASA is proposing to make a living on mars by 2030.

 Elon Musk said, in 2060 probably millions of people will be living on Mars.

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7. Food is not that much important

living without food

The futurist and scientist Ray Kurzweil, once penned in his book, in the future, humans don’t need foods to exist. We all know that food and water are the most vital for a living but in the future, it said that we don’t need food or any eatable to stay viable.

The nanobot or nanobiotechnology is a minute cell-like humanoid that will penetrate our body and shoot the crucial energy and also extricate all the scraps from our body.  

These are some of the foresight about our future. These were said by some of the predictors. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article on interesting facts about future prediction.

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