J.O.S.H – The Multiplayer FPS Battle Game

Gaming is one of the most popular and evolving industry. And in India, to uplift the Gaming Community, EV Studios have come up with an amazing Multiplayer FPS Battle Game – J.O.S.H. (Joint Operation Secret Heroes). It is a free FPS multiplayer game to play with your friends.

J.O.S.H - multiplayer fps battle game - the infojagat

Before moving further let’s get some information about EV Studios who had created this amazing gaming and brought it to us…

About EV Studios

EV Studios is committed to creating the most creative and interactive games so each one of you gets the most out of their games. They are new to this industry but their gaming passion is long-lived. And for the sake and upliftment of the Indian Gaming Community, they have come up with the thought to build a game that satisfies the ravenous appetite for gaming. They are a small team resided in the rural areas of India, trying to fulfill the dream of Digital India through the Gaming Industry.

J.O.S.H. – About the Game

J.O.S.H. is a fast-paced Made In India combat battle multiplayer FPS game. It is currently available in beta version. In the game, you will be stuck in the Guanaco Desert that shows no mercy and the only key to survival is by dominating others. Team up with your friends, make a strategy and emerge victoriously. Make your own clan and level up!

There are three modes of gameplay –

  • Team Death Match
  • Free for All
  • Flag Capture

Choose from an arsenal of weapons: Sniper, Assault Rifle, Pistol, Grenade launcher, and more. There is nothing stopping you.

J.O.S.H - multiplayer fps battle game - the infojagat

Current Features:

  • Add Friends and Join Servers
  • Matchmaking with Other Players
  • Clan System (with ranking)
  • Voice Chat

Expected Updates:

  • New Improved Map
  • Improved Graphics
  • New Skins and Weapons Added
  • New Weapon Categories
  • Hidden Gems in the Map

This game has already launched recently in the Google Play Store. Many features will be included in the upcoming updates as mentioned above. You can download the game from the below link…
Download Now – J.O.S.H.

You can visit EV Studios’ official website for more information. For the latest news and updates of the game, you can also follow their Facebook Page and Instagram handle

Hope you guys like this article on multiplayer fps battle game, and you will download, play and enjoy this game. By doing this you are contributing to the upliftment of the Indian Gaming Industry. Do provide your valuable feedback in the comment section provided below. And for more amazing articles, keep visiting The InfoJagat

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