7 Symptoms Of Mental Health Disorder

Symptoms Of Mental Health Disorder: Mental health disorders change into mental illness after showing several signs and symptoms. We should be aware of our mental health. There are many many mental disorders that arise nowadays. For example, depression, stress, insomnia, addictive disorder, anxiety, etc., Not every symptom is the same. Some are different and some signs arise according to the situation and behavior.

Mental Health Disorder Symptoms - the infojagat

It’s our responsibility to take care of our mental health. Mental health is very very vital to lead a healthy , happy, peaceful and helpful life. The following are some warnings and some signs of mental illness that we should be aware of. They are:

  • Mood swings
  • Lack of energy
  • Feeling sad and hopeless
  • Lack of concentration
  • Lack of sleep
  • Changes in eating
  • Keeping yourself isolated


Changes in mood swings and emotions too high or low are called mood swings. Many people and doctors say that mood swings happen or occur because of hormonal changes. But extreme mood swings are also a warning sign of mental illness. Sometimes we feel super emotional and happy, sometimes super low and sad, and sometimes super angry. No one can predict the changes in your mood because of mood swings even the person themselves can’t predict it. Mood swings also happen because of using some unwanted and unhealthy products like tobacco, weed, alcohol. Mood swings also happen because of cyclothymia. It is more similar to bipolar disorder. Mood swings are like roller coasters in our life. So it’s your responsibility to take care of your mental health. If you feel that you’ve very bad and rapid mood swings, it’s better to consult your doctor.

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lack of energy - the infojagat

Lack of energy or fatigue is also a symptom of mental illness. Doctors say that if you left your fatigue unchecked, it might lead you to some other health issues. Lack of energy occurs because of stress, overthinking, constant decisions, etc,. Many people among us think that if someone is lacking their energy or feeling heavy tiredness, it’s only because of not having proper food or disease. But that’s wrong, some people also feel tired because of mental issues. The symptoms of fatigue are loss of appetite, lack of proper sleep, Sometimes fatigue also occurs because of negative life or breakup, not having proper married life, gloominess, etc.,


If you’re suffering from mental illness, it’s quite common to feel sad. This mostly happens because of depression. Depression is like a devil. It won’t allow us to be happy or fulfilled. If you were suffering from stress or depression, then you might have an experience with this. Sadness and hopelessness will lead you to some unwanted and most stupid decisions like suicide. You may find this sadness as an outcome of the death of your beloved, or divorce, or break up, or abuse, etc.., So it’s better to take the advice of your doctor before planning something which you might regret later.

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lack of concentration - the infojagat

Lack of concentration means losing interest in something or losing concentration. This may arise because of bipolar disorder or hungriness or cognitive disorders, etc., Lack of focus is mainly based on mental or psychological factors. It may also occur because of alcohol, tobacco, medications. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a disease caused by a lack of concentration. ADHD can affect both adults and kids. The kids who are affected by ADHD mostly behave in a different way. They will be having anxiety, bipolar, depression, etc,. They can’t concentrate on anything. Their education and academics will be getting affected by this.

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Lack of sleep is mostly called insomnia. A healthy person needs at least 8 hours of proper sleep to stay active and fresh. Mental illness first affects your sleep. Lack of sleep causes many health problems such as diabetes, cardiac disease, etc, If you didn’t sleep for one day, we won’t be productive or active the next full day. But the people who are suffering from chronic insomnia, then it’s a long term issue for them. Researchers are saying that if you didn’t sleep because of anxiety, then the lack of sleep will increase your anxiety. LAck of sleep and mental disorders are like twins. One can’t leave another. Doctors say that lack of sleep affects the brain nerve called the amygdala, which is a nerve representing human emotions. If insomnia affects the amygdala then that person will get triggered by heavy rapid mood swings.


changes in eating - the infojagat

You may wonder if changes in our eating habits lead to mental disorders. The answer is Yes. Changes in our appetite may lead to mental illness because if you’re suffering from any heartache it’s impossible for you to have any food. The grief which you feel won’t allow you to take proper food or it won’t allow you to intake any nutrients. Then it will automatically lead you to mental illness. It won’t lead you only to mental disorders but also to some other physical health issues such as mouth ulcers, stomach ulcers, fever, etc., Doctors call this anorexia. People who are suffering from anorexia also have underweight and malnutrition. Sadness, depression, anxiety, and grief can lead to a lack of appetite.



Our government advised us to maintain social distancing to prevent ourselves from viruses and bacteria. But this social distancing affects our mental well being. It affects older adults more. Most people suffering from depression or bipolar disorder keep themselves isolated. Isolation is something that triggers depression and sadness. It’s like a devil that triggers us to do something that we will regret later. Isolation or maintaining distance with our loved ones, or family or friends projects us in a wrong way or makes us lose our optimistic self. Avoid watching too much phone or TV, allow yourself to move on from personal tragedy or trauma. This might help you to keep yourself protected from the mental illness which you are going to suffer in the future.

The above mentioned are very symptoms of mental disorder. Our physical body is connected with our mental health, likewise, mental health is connected with physical health. If you have a mental disorder it will automatically lead you to physical health problems. If you are suffering from depression it will lead you to insomnia, stress, etc,. Each and every nerves and part of the human body are interconnected. So one problem will lead you to the other. So it’s better to maintain and take care of our health as well as mental health.

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