8 Scientifically Proven Tips For Better Mental Health

Tips For Better Mental Health: Our health is always our first priority. “Without health, wealth has no value”. It’s our responsibility to take care of our health not only physical but also mental health. Nowadays it’s quite common that many people around us are mourning from health issues. Humans both mental and physical health are interlinked.

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If you’re condoning from physical issues then it will automatically lead you to mental ailment. If you’re enduring a mental ailment then it will automatically lead you to physical issues. For example, distress leads to cancer, depression leads to cardiac disease. There are many lifestyle factors which lead us to the pathway of destructive our mental, emotional as well as physical health. Some factors are major accidents, smoking, intake of the immense amount of alcohol, major grief, death of our beloved, etc…

The following are the scientifically proven tips to take care of your mental health:

  1. Think and Speak Positively
  2. Write Journal
  3. Meditation
  4. Open Up
  5. Sleep On Time
  6. Read Books
  7. Try Something New
  8. Chill Out With Buddies

Think and Speak Positively

Thinking always leads us to the path of achieving. Before thinking positively you should try to ignore all negative people and negative vibes. There are many good peoples who wish for our well-being. Try to involve them. Being optimistic doesn’t only make you confident outside but also happier inside. I understand if you’re quietly practiced with a negative vibe then it’s too difficult to adapt us to think positive side. But it’s mandatory. If you want to be optimistic try the following ways…

  • Smile more
  • Engage with positive-minded fellows
  • Imagine your bright future
  • Think different

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Write Journal

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Journal writing not only deals with newspapers or magazines or personal blogs. Journal writing is a way of writing where we can write our daily happenings, positive quotes, optimistic sentences, etc., Journal writing is scientifically proved in helping to heal the people to overcome their issues dealing with the mind. If you’re just commencing to write a journal you can feel the difference in a few days. Try to keep your journal nearby. Don’t allow everyone to read your journal because you want to keep it in your personal space. The following are some simple ways you can start your journal today…

  • Buy your favorite notebook or diary.
  • On the first page write some positive quotes or sayings.
  • Then write your daily happenings.
  • Try to write more positive and optimistic thoughts.
  • Start today.

” Journal writing is a voyage to the interior” — Christina Baldwin


It’s quite popular that meditation always helps you to overcome your mental ailment. It is scientifically proved too. Meditation helps us to overcome depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, etc.

Anyone, literally anyone can meditate. Meditation is not the toughest work, right? Just sitting in a secluded place and concentrating on our breath is one type of meditation. While meditating our concentration should only revolve on our breathing. You can start meditating today.

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Open Up

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This is one thing that many of us aren’t doing but it’s mandatory to take care of our mental health. We should always try to talk or problems with our loved one or trustworthy person. They may be your spouse, lover, friends, parents, siblings, or whoever. We should not bottle up our feelings especially sadness and grief. Saving all our stress within our heart can lead to heart disease. Express what you feel without any hesitation. It may be very difficult for an introvert person to open up themselves. But do practice. Try saying small things, then you can gradually you can work on it. Don’t let yourself go down with your introvert self.

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Sleep On Time

Our mind is like a computer or a mobile. Mobile, computer, laptop everything needs rest if you constantly work without giving it a little rest then the system might burst.

Like that our brain needs rest. A moral person needs at least 8 hours of sleep every day. It’s medically as well as scientifically proven. Sleeping helps you to sure many issues like depression, stress, restlessness, headache, etc., A good sleep plays a very critical role in mental health.


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Books are always a guilty pleasure for bookworms, book dragons, and bibliophiles. If you want to make your mind free with books then there’re many many books available in the market which helps you to think positive and optimistic. While reading self-help, positive, motivational types of books we could automatically feel-good vibes around us and inside our mind and heart. So try reading good books. If you’re not passionate about books then it’s ok. You can start reading motivational quotes, magazines, poems, etc, You can start by reading 1 page or 2 pages daily.

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Try Something New

Experimenting something new is always fun, creative, and more adventurous. It would also help you to forget about your problems. When you started to do something new then, you’ll feel many changes occupying you. You don’t want to do only new things you can do what you’re more passionate about. Maybe painting, drawing, eating, cooking, reading, or whatever. Do something creative, innovative to come out of your secluded self.

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Chill Out With Buddies

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Good friends have this beautiful ability to make us feel secured and wanted. They’ll make us feel that you’re not unwanted. If you feel that you don’t have good friends then it’s your responsibility to make new as well as good friends. There are many social media platforms that help you to make new friends. But make sure you’re connecting with like-minded people.

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Hope you guys find this article Tips For Better Mental Health helpful. For more amazing articles, keep visiting The InfoJagat, and don’t forget to provide your valuable feedback below…

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