Most Effective Diet For Healthy Living: When we speak about the word “diet” many people among us think that diet means eating less food, eating a single time for a while day, etc, But you should change your mentality. Diet means not eating a single time or less food. It is nothing but eating the right amount of food at the right time. Diet is not only for reducing weight but also for leading a long, healthy, life and also for curing some disease.

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Many people found it difficult to choose what type of diet is good for them and their bodies and for living a healthy stress-free life. So what? Don’t worry about choosing the correct diet plan. Read this full article to know about the exact diet for a healthy life. Following are some of the not healthy diet which is going to help you in reducing weight, clearing skin problems, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.,

  1. Ketogenic diet
  2. Vegan diet
  3. Raw diet
  4. Paleo diet
  5. South beach diet
  6. Alkaline diet
  7. Zone diet


Ketogenic-Diet - the infojagat

The ketogenic diet is commonly known as the keto diet. Since the 1920s this keto diet has been followed by US people. It is scientifically as well as medically proven that it is a very good and effective solution for 2nd stage diabetes. The keto diet is high fat and low carb. The foods that we eat in the ketogenic diet are seafood, like such, low carb veggies, avocado, eggs, chicken, mutton, beef, yogurt, etc., Which helps to make our brain function smoothly and effectively. It also helps in treating Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and also for a healthy long term heart. There are two types of the keto diet. They are:

  • Targeted ketogenic diet
  • Standard ketogenic diet
  • High protein ketogenic diet

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Vegan-Diet - the infojagat

Veganism or vegan diet was commenced or introduced in 1944 by Donald Watson. In recent days the Vegan diet became quite popular. Many people started to research and follow veganism. It’s very healthy and environmentally friendly. It helps to reduce weight, makes skin clear, and glow, controls blood sugar level, improves heart health. Veganism is basically filled with vegetables, greens, nuts, protein-rich meat, milk, and yogurt. The following are the different types of the vegan diet.

  • Whole food vegan diet
  • Raw food veganism
  • 80/10/10 veganism
  • The thrive diet.


Raw-Diet - the infojagat

The raw diet was followed since the 1800s. The raw diet and vegan diet are quite familiar with each other. In a raw diet also we consume mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts. In the raw food diet, the food which we consume should not be heated or cooked. We should not be supposed to eat baked items or cooked food in a raw diet. 75% of our food should be consumed raw. The believer of the raw diet believes that it has more nutritional value and enriches our body because eating raw food contains many goodnesses.

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Paleo-Diet - the infojagat

In the paleo diet, we mostly eat fruits, meat , veggies, fish, and seeds. The Paleo diet represents what our ancestors ate in that Paleolithic age. Wheat, oats, salts, dairy, potatoes should be avoided in the paleo diet. The studies said that our body is reacting according to what we eat. In this modern era, we eat highly processed junk food, oily food, etc. It spoils our body function. But in the olden days our ancestors were healthy food, enriching vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc, So eating old-age foods will help us to live a properly balanced life, reducing weight, and managing appetite controls blood pressure.

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South-Beach-Diet - the infojagat

A Cardiologist Arthur Agatson created this south beach diet in 2007. This diet is low carb and contains proteins and nutrients and healthy fat. In the south beach diet, we should eat protein-rich food, soy products, dairy, avocado, and nuts. Studies prove that the south beach diet really works for healthy weight loss and some inner health issues. The South Beach diet is full of high fiber carbohydrate nutrients rich. If you’re following the south beach diet you shouldn’t suppose to take fruit juice or alcoholic drinks.


Alkaline-Diet - the infojagat

The alkaline diet is otherwise known as an alkaline acid diet, acid ash diet. Some foods like a diary, meat, poultry, can produce acid in our body which creates heavy health problems. It is not good for our health. So some foods which don’t have acidic content in them are taken to avoid acidity. That is called an alkaline diet. Alkaline diet lovers are saying that this diet helps in reducing aging, remove skin problems, cures cancer, obesity, etc., It’s a bit difficult and heavy diet where you should take more fruits, veggies, legumes, and seeds.

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Zone-Diet - the infojagat

The zone diet was introduced by a biochemist Burry Sears. In the Zone diet, you can’t expect to lose weight immediately. It’s a slow and steady process. The biochemist promises that if you follow the zone diet you can even burn calories, and lose fat in sleep. The zone diet basically involves 3 zone meals and 1 zone snacks. The biochemist also said that the zone diet loses only bad fats. It won’t lose any muscles or water. Red meat, egg, dairy, carrots beet, bananas are not supposed to be taken. It is advised to eat protein, vitamins, minerals enriched veggies, sugarless fruits, bread, pasta, grains, and starch-rich foods to be taken.

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Apart from all these diets little physical activities like walking, running, jogging or push-ups also help you to lose weight quickly and effectively.

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