All You Need To Know About Wine- Types, History, Process

Wine is produced from the agitation of grape extract. It’s an alcoholic refreshment. Many people among us know that wine is just a cocktail which makes you booze and in some cases, wine helps in misremembering all your stress. But wine does not only make you booze and relieve you from your anxiety but there is much stuff you want to know about wine. If you’re a wine lover and you’re curious about knowing wine more, then cheer up, we got your back. In this article, you will learn a lot of fascinating stuff about wine. Without any further ado, let’s gaze into the article.

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  1. History of wine
  2. Types of wine
  3. Winemaking process
  4. Art of sampling wine

History of Wine

When we speak about wine, many people may have this obvious question, Wine was invented by whom? The answer to this question is ‘’Don’t know’’. Because the chroniclers are saying that there is no precise document which says that wine was invented by a definite person. Actually, it was discovered, not invented. It is said by the wine press in 2011 that wine was discovered in the grotto of Armenia before 7000 years past.

But the one idea which wine enthusiasts have to record down was the tale of grape wine was commenced before 7000 years ago in China. Whereas the other type of wine which is made from fermented rice, fruit skins, seeds, etc., discovers before 6000 B.C.

The one old tale which you have to know about wine is, there are some stories which say that wine was discovered accidentally. It was discovered by a Persian princess who was asking a favor of the king but he shunned her. She did many royal tactics to get his inspection but he was not at all ready to go with her. One fine day, she conspired to kill herself, so she swallowed some spoilt grapes which were in the jar of their royal dining. After eating that spoilt grapes she went numb.

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Her plan of attempting suicide was failed as the spoilt grapes made her feel dizzy and gave some gigantic pleasure inside her body cells. Then she started to eat those spoilt grapes more to disremember her pressure and eventually the king also accepted her. This was one of the old tales which was excerpted from Persia.

Types of Wine

Wine is radically served in five different types. In those five significant types, under every type, there has more than 100 techniques and flavors of wine. The five types of wine are

  1. Red Wine {Merlot, MAlbec, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, etc.,}
  2. White whine {Pinot Gris, Viognier, Chardonnay, Riesling, Semillon, etc.,}
  3. Rose Wine {Tempranillo Rose style, Tavel Rose, Provence Rose, Syrah Rose, etc.,}
  4. Dessert Wine {Freisa, Late-HArvest Red Wines, Schiavo, etc.,}
  5. Sparkling wine {Cava, Champagne, Prosecco, Extra Brut, etc.,}

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Wine Forming Process

The winemaking process is also called vinification. The Vinification includes five basic stages which are Harvesting, Crushing and Pressing, Fermentation, Clarification, Aging, and Bottling.

Harvesting is the initial process in winemaking. The wine is more preferably prepare only in the vineyard. The back of the vineyard will be having grape plants that will be sustained in a proper way. During harvesting time the grapes will be handpicked for a refuge of grapes and it will be sent to the next process.

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The next step is Crushing. In the olden days, after the harvesting of grapes, crushing was done by workers. They will crush it with an ample amount of water and sunlight. But that was taking the quite high time. Now as technology improves, the crushing and pressing are done by machines.

According to the winemakers, the fermentation process is the magical one. After the first two steps of harvesting and crushing the fermentation of grape juice will be taken in wineries. In the fresh extract of grapes, they will add yeast to get fermented and after 10-12 hours, the fermentation process will end.

Clarification is the process of purification. It is also done by conveying the fermented liquid into the drum and twirling it. And also by distilling the liquid the clarification process will end.

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The last stage of wine aging and bottling. After the process of filtering the wine may be bottled up rapidly or also to get more bang the process of aging will be done. The fined wine will be conveyed into an old wooden drum and shield it for aging. After some days or months or years, they will get bottled up for trades. More aging = More taste.

Wine Tasting Art

According to viniculture the tasting of wine is considered an art. The wine tasting includes 4 s. If you are indeed a wine lover then you must grasp the 4s to relish the real flavor of the wine. The four S are

  • Seeing {You have to detect and commemorate the color and texture of the beverage }
  • Smelling {Smelling is the key to make your nostrils get to know the wine }
  • Swirling { Swirling is essential as while swirling the oxygen will be incorporated with the beverage and will give you a distinct taste}
  • Sipping {don’t gulp it in one go. Sip in slow-motion by savoring the real taste. }

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So you know the origin, types, process, and tasting art. So drink and savor it in a proper way.

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