Experiencing The Comforting Prospect Of Lockdown

Lets value the coexistence of our life due to Lockdown

In our regular days, children are busy in their regular school routine, tuition classes, and other activities, men women are busy with their own working schedules, everyone is busy in their own daily routine. And some of us had planned for vacations in May, June or the wedding but unfortunately, we are forced to sit at home for the entire day due to lockdown.

This is very unexpected and a sad situation in which the whole world is suffering mentally, financially, and physically. Many damages are taking place which takes years to recover but we can’t just sit at home and think only about the bad and sad phase of life, the whole journey of COVID19 not just made us suffer but also it makes us learn how to find happiness in life when nothing is going right, it makes us learn how to come up as a warrior.

Spending initial days in lockdown is very difficult for some of us because of restricted mobility. However, the days passed by spending time with family, reading books, watching movies, trying out new recipes, etc. However, after some time we get bored and feel a void because we are not able to go out for work, parties, gym. But now we all come together with these conditions and also find the second path to fill the void of our life.

Rejuvenation of hobbies due to Lockdown

We all have different obsessions in our life during childhood. But due to all the rush in our surroundings for jobs, money, always have to come first in the race, etc, all these factors tend to forget things that were dear to us once. This lockdown helps us to rejuvenate our forgotten art which can be reading books, writing articles, cooking, dancing, painting. All these not just revive in our life but also refresh us with beautiful memories. A well said by PHYLLIS MCGINLEY “A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away”.

Building bonds with nature

In our daily busy life, we only think about work, wifi, food, family. We plant in our house but give their responsibility to the gardener. We never check them, we totally forget the love for nature in our busy lives, but in lockdown, we are able to connect ourselves with nature, it gives us a stress-free atmosphere, a house full of fragrance and positivity. Nature grows in silence and we all need that silence in our lives to touch the soul and mother nature provides it perfectly.

Self Observation

During the lockdown journey, each and every person came close to herself/himself. He/She realizes what they expect from their life or from themselves. Till now we think about life from many perspectives but during the lockdown, we start thinking as individuals from across the planet. All these days we are thinking of our existence. This lockdown teaches us so many things that normal life can’t make us understand. We understand the difference between “wants” and ”needs”. We started to appreciate the value of one another and believe in coexistence. Now we should keep our needs limited and stay inequality and unity rather than wanting and discriminating.

Leisure with family

This is a major problem in every family, especially where both parents are working. This lockdown gives every family, bulk amount of time to spend with their family, share bonds, and create memories that never go to die and spread love together. This lockdown ends the problem of spending quality time with family.

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One thought on “Experiencing The Comforting Prospect Of Lockdown

  1. Very well said Alka…

    It’s true that this lockdown have changed the way we experience life. It has given us time for introspection and extrospection. It has made us more compassionate and helpfull in general.
    This pandemic showed that humanity still exist and will continue to exist no matter how worse the situation is.
    It has brought changes within ourselves alot.
    But like two sides of coin it has also caused a lot of deaths. Deaths which could have been avoided. It has proved how fragile our basic infrastructures are… All these have showed the uncomforting side of this failed lockdown. Government failed to prepare itself to fight this pandemic. It failed to make our health system stronger, the very reason this lockdown started.

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