How To Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali

Celebrating Eco-Friendly Diwali: Diwali festival is the most important and famous festival of Hindus. Diwali is a festival of joy, fun, celebration, food, lights, and splendor. People of any caste or religion celebrate these festivals. This festival is celebrated after 20 days of Dusshera. Lord Ram killed Ravana and rescued his wife Sita from captivity in Sri Lanka. The festival denotes the arrival of Lord Ram to Ayodhya following 14 years of outcast. To welcome Lord Rama, Sita, and Laxman, the whole city was decked up and village people decorated the city with diyas to welcome their king Shree Ram.

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To celebrate this festival people clean their home, prepare yummy foods, drawn rangoli art on floors, burn crackers, decorate their home with diyas, candle, and beautiful light. Nowadays, almost every special occasion is celebrated by burning crackers. There is one big negative side of this festival i.e. a huge amount of pollution.

Impact of Burning Firecrackers on Covid-19


As we all know coronavirus has been spread out badly in India. People who are already suffering from asthma, allergic Rhinitis, lungs problem, bronchitis, or any severe health issue are more and more prone to covid-19.
Great health experts have researched that if we burn firecrackers on Diwali, harmful air pollutants will increase the risk of coronavirus transmission. Not only firecrackers but, burning of garbage, dry leaves, or any form of smoke can cause a serious health issue amidst the covid 19 pandemic which is still active. Firecrackers are generally made up of oxidizers, fuel, coloring agents, binders, cardboard, or plastic, with flash powder, cordite, smokeless powder, or black powder as the propellant. The burning of firecrackers will have a serious impact on the spread of covid-19 because of harmful air pollutants in the atmosphere.

Best ways to celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali

Is it possible to celebrate the Diwali festival pollution-free and eco-friendly? The answer to this question is a big “Yes”.
With the help of this article, I want to throw light on the best ideas for eco-friendly Diwali celebrations. Instead of burning crackers, you can decorate your home with rangoli, diyas, candles, attractive lights, exchange gifts with relatives, have small get together with close friends and family members. You can also celebrate Diwali with orphanage and old age home people.

Decoration Ideas

1. Rangoli Art


Without rangoli art, diwali festival is just incomplete. Every girl or lady draw this art form during diwali at their home. The main reason behind this art is to feel joyful, happy, strength and Indian people think that it brings good luck. Rangoli designs can be a flower, religious symbols, the human figure, attractive patterns, scenery, or any geometrical shape.
You can use colorful sand rangoli, wheat flour, original or artificial flowers, floating rangoli, glass rangoli or wooden rangoli for decoration.

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2. Bottle Art


Try something new art form at this Diwali. Do not throw waste glass or plastics bottles, use these bottles to decorate your home. Apply glass colors or spray colors or acrylic colors to these bottles, after that make some attractive design on it, leave the bottle for 3 to 4 hrs let it be dry and your bottle art is ready. Use these bottles as lamps by putting led lights inside it or as flower pots. These look so beautiful and classy. It can also be gifted.

3. Diyas


You can buy decorated diyas from the market or you can decorate diyas at home as per your choice. Floating diyas, diyas with shell, hanging diyas are also available at the market. Steps to decorate diyas are as follows:

  • Paint Diyas with bright colors.
  • Draw design as per your wish.
  • Add a little glue, then put some glitter powder or sparkle on it.
  • Stick some stones or Kundan on it.

4. Candle


Candles are used to worship God as well as for decoration purposes. Candles come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some candles also have a wonderful fragrance on it. Candles are used for decorating indoor and outdoor homes. Floating candles and decorative candle stand are available at the market.

5. Light Decoration

Diwali is the festival of lights. Decorate your home with lighting accessories. You can buy led lights, table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, diyas with led lights, pendants, wall scones, etc. Lights are available in many different colors, you can select according to your choice. Led strip, floating led, and multicolor light is the latest collection at markets.

Prepare Delicious food

delicious sweet

Food plays an essential role in the Diwali celebration. Cook yummy dishes for this festival. Try some new and different food recipes. Youtube is available to everyone you can learn more and more tasty recipes and impress your family members and friends.

Donate something to needy people

Instead of wasting money on firecrackers, people can use this money to donate some useful things to poor people. Because of covid-19, the number of poor people in our country has been increased drastically. We have to take some initiative to help more and more poor people during this covid-29 pandemic. You can donate food, clothes, blankets, or any other items to an old-age home, orphanage, or any needy people.

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You can take care of street animals

During this festive season street animals like dogs and cows face many health issues because of noise pollution and air pollution of firecrackers burnt during the Diwali festival. It will be a great help to these animals if you can give them food and shelter for a few days.

Spent some time with orphanage and old-age people

As we all know orphanage children and old-age home people feel very alone in festival time, they badly miss their family. Why not spend some time with these people and celebrate this festival of happiness with them? Spent some time with these people. Give some gifts, sweets, clothes and some happiness to these people.

Hope you guys like this article and all of you celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali. For more articles, keep visiting The InfoJagat..

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.. Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali !!

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