What Is Ethical Hacking? Types Of Hackers & Skills Required

The term ethical hacking means taking unauthorized or illegal data, passwords, etc from a computer or any other network in a legitimate way. Ethical hacking is also called Penetration testing. Ethical hacking helps in many fields like financial organization, bank, government sectors, IT fields, security industries, etc., The professionals who are doing Ethical hacking are called Ethical hackers. Many professionals are saying that this is the most fun plus challenging profession. If someone is having a degree in hacking or have an authorized certificate in hacking and penetration that person has many chances I working under the government sector, cybercrime, cybersecurity, military, etc.,

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The ethical hackers legally break into the computer and found out if the computer or organization has been hacked or not. The malicious hackers hack the important data of a big organization or harm the computer by sending some malicious threats, vulnerabilities and use it for their profits or give all those data to their higher authorities in an illegal way, blackmailing for money, etc., The Word hacking and hacker was first coined in the 1960s at MIT. The following are the 3 types of Hackers.

  • White Hat Hacker
  • Black Hat Hacker
  • Grey Hat Hacker

White Hat Hacker

White hat hackers are also known as ethical hackers. They do several things for the company or organization with the permission of authorization. They do penetration testing, vulnerability testing, test – in-place security systems to find out the black hole inside the company. If anybody is to become a professional white-hat hacker then they must possess more intelligence, patience, communication skills. The white hat jacket training program involves 4 steps. They are

  1. Certified Network Defender
  2. Certified Ethical Hacker
  3. EC Council Certified Security Analyst
  4. Licensed Penetration Tester Master

The name of the first ethical hacking team was “tiger teams”. The government set up the tiger teams In the 1970s I order to find out the black hole inside the company.

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Black Hat Hacker

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The term black hat was introduced by westerns in 1950 as they believed that, bad guys wore a black hat and good guys wore a white hat. The black hat hackers are malicious. They’re opposite to white hats. In a white hat, they work legally and with authorization but in the black hat, they won’t work legally. They work illegally and usually break computers and enter into the system for spreading vulnerability and threats. They also crack the passwords and steal it without the owner’s consent, destroy the account, and use it for their profit or his/her higher authority profit. Usually, black hat hackers won’t work under government officials.

They work in private or on the dark web. The dark web is nothing but some vulnerable sites which won’t appear in search engines. The black hats won’t follow any rules and regulations made by the government. They do whatever they want. Black hats use MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL languages.

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Grey Hat Hacker

The term grey hat was coined in the late 1990s. Grey hats damage the computers and systems by sending vulnerabilities and threats like black hats but they won’t do those malicious things for their gain. They do all those with authorization. Mostly gray hackers won’t prefer publicity. They remain unknown. The grey hats must know about the basics of programming skills, writing shellcode, Linux, etc., If they found any vulnerability or malicious threat, they won’t disclose it to the administrator. Instead of making them aware of the threat, they would ask them that they are repairing it for commission.

Required Skills For Ethical Hacker

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Becoming an ethical hacker or any type of hackers is not that much quite easy. They’ve to possess many many skills. The following are the skills to become a certified ethical hacker.

  1. Computer networking skills
  2. Linux skills
  3. Hardware skills
  4. Programming
    • Python
    • Java
    • C++
    • SQL
    • C#
    • Javascript
  5. Cryptography skills
  6. Reverse engineering
  7. Social engineering
  8. Hijacking
  9. Spoofing
  10. Phishing
  11. Database management system
  12. Wireless technology

These are very important skills that an ethical jacket should possess.

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